#16: Can Chickens Swim?

Hello World and welcome to a podcast by grown up gamers that we like to call The Xboxcast.

Trump might be insane, but we’re not here to talk about that.

This week, we ask that age old question… Can chickens swim? And be honest, you don’t know either! Thats why you have to listen to this wonderful episode. But in other news, the Xbox One X is a top rated gadget, Mass Effect is 10 years old, CD Projekt Red cast all the shade and Minecraft gets all wet.

And because we love our listeners, we even give some details on when season one (which is this season) will end.

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The Cast is:

Lee: Leehoward on Twitter, Xbox and Mixer

Simone: GymBean44 on Twitter and Xbox

Paul: HippoHQ on Twitter, Xbox, YouTube and Mixer

Kyle: XarCrius on Twitter and Xbox

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