#8.1: Tekken Time

Episode 8, the mysterious and unheard podcast, has gone missing!


Which is why we all banded together to take everything you love about episode 8 (which you haven’t heard) and make it even better in episode 8.1! We have a lot of catching up to do, making this the longest podcast ever. 


And we even have some very exciting news about The Xboxcast in this episode. The Xboxcast has hit over 500 plays in just 12 episodes!

We would like to thank everyone who is out there, tuning in each week, telling their friends about us, and just putting up with out nonsense. Producer Paul has found a location for the Hippo Entertainment Studio, which The Xboxcast uses to record. We have put a few photos up and you can find it under the hashtag #helpBuildAStudio on Instagram, Twitter and soon to be Facebook. We also live streamed this episode! And took a few questions from the audience. If you want to see what we look like (and please remember, this was a spur of the moment test) head on over to our YouTube page!


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Your hosts are:

Kyle: XarCrius on Twitter and Xbox

Lee: Leehoward on Twitter, Xbox and Mixer

Simone: GymBean44 on Twitter and Xbox

Paul: HippoHQ on Twitter, Xbox, YouTube and Mixer


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