#214: Pop Out A Goat

Did you know we have a website? Well now you do. So whats stopping you from visiting it?


Join our heroes this week as they talk about getting free goats. In Pure Farming 2018 of course. No one goes around these days just handing out goats.


Sea of Thieves is riding the wave to be the biggest game Rare has ever done. And we’re not going to take any wind out of their sails. Its not Rare these days to see this game get all the holes patched up. And I think I am out of puns now. We’ll just have to sea where the rest of these show notes go…


Fortnite got hit by a meteor. And it was catastrophically well received.

Esports in the Olympics, Immortal Redneck gets to 4K60 on the One X and Microsoft loves Discord now?


We take a trip Through The Woods and decide its going to be terrifying too. All this an more in this weeks episode of The Xboxcast.


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