When you stop drinking tea, does the Queen unfriend you? 
Asking for a friend… 

April is finally over! And boy did we play a lot of trash. So much trash. Lee played almost every baby game known to man. But we know someone who played even more baby games than we ever thought existed! The winners this month… *drum roll please* 

  • Neomaster with 157,875 GS in one month wins the Touch Some Grass Award for the most gamerscore in one month. 
    Out of The XboxCast, Lee wins with 29,477 GS! His personal best! 
  • Diabolic Jester wins the Have You Thought About Staying Inside? award for the most steps! He got 408,432 steps in the month of April. 
    Kyle beat the other two slackers with 305,466 steps! 
  • Neomaster popped 2,425 achievements and takes home the Addicted To The Pop award! 
    With 266 chevos popped this month, Lee beat the other two!

Thanks to everyone who took part! We have some big plans for next year already. And we even had an official competition running with the gamer score plus steps going on. Should we make it official next year? Too late. We already have! 

Keep an eye on the website, as we’ll be adding all these stats to it at some point. You’ll be able to see all the graphs and info your little heart could desire. If there’s any other stats you want to know about, tell Simone! She’s the keeper of the graphs. 

In another announcement – we’re back on Twitch and YouTube! Woohoo! And we’ve made the game give away even easier now – subscribe to our YouTube channel and we’ll give away these games when we get to 100 subscribers.
So, what are you waiting for? Get subscribed!  

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