Lee has a big bottom.
Can you hear it? Can you hear the big bottom? Can you? 

Maybe we should get better work stories? Because we’re now complaining about being misquoted, and builders. Gary, we feel you. Do you feel seen? Also, we do the charts. Not as a joke, But as a service to you. You’re welcome. You can thank us by supporting us on Patreon! lol 

Things are happening in the charts, but we don’t know what or why. But excitement all around! Things are moving, and maybe GTA V will finally be knocked off the charts. Clippy has come to Halo and caused no end of problems. He popped up and told everyone he’s here to help shoot. What do you think of Halo’s rollout of Season 2 so far? Lee is not convinced. 

Our Top Tip of The Week is all about explaining QoS is. Because we’re geeks. And we like to help. 

And in our biggest story this week – Excel is getting Eve Online integration! Now this is groundbreaking! Talk about living in the future. No longer will you need to have spreadsheets in space, but rather spreadsheets on your laptop while you’re on the train to work. Kyle gets way too excited about this… Maybe even worth getting back into Eve Online for? 

In some exciting news – we’re going to be at PAX Melbourne this year! Want to come meet us? Well now you can!
We won’t have a booth, but we’ll be walking around – all three of us. So come hang out for the weekend and show us your flossing skills. 

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