All four of us, back together again?
Covid-crew go! 

Kyle and Simone have been away on holiday while Lee and Paul have gotten the spicy cough. That’s our excuse for missing some podcast episodes, and we’re sticking to it! 
So, to make up for it, we got Paul in to chat about… movies! Movies, TV series, RPG’s and somewhere there is a podcast all about our April Achievement Challenge (including some games). 

What games did you play for AAC? We played some really bad games. So bad, most of us gave up and went back to CyberPunk! Simone has given XCloud a good shake while on holiday. What did she think and how did it handle?  Want to hear us rant about these bad games? Which game wins the One Leaves award this month? How much trash before we just go “we’ve done enough”? You’ll just have to listen to this episode to find out. 

In another announcement – we’re back on Twitch and YouTube! Woohoo! And we’ve made the game give away even easier now – subscribe to our YouTube channel and we’ll give away these games when we get to 100 subscribers. So what are you waiting for? Get there and get subscribed!  

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