Lee deals with auditors. And no one cries. 
We call that a win! 

Maybe we should turn this podcast into our work stories? Because it seems like both Lee and Kyle have a lot to say on the subject. And Kyle’s laptop is about to melt into the center of the earth while recording this podcast. Happy times all around! 

The charts continue to be whelming. Not overwhelming, or underwhelming. Just whelming. Just what we expect. Kingdom Hearts 4 is revealed and looks super realistic. Like almost true to life real… Not exactly the direction we expected. Especially when Lee finds the wrong video! 

Is Certain Affinity looking to be sold to Microsoft? Or is 343 Industries going to be taken off Halo? Something has to be done as the perception is that Halo is not evolving fast enough. Are you still playing Halo Infinite? 

March saw the best month ever for Xbox – selling almost half a million units in one month alone! Great job everyone. And well done to Phil for turning the Xbox ship around in such a massive way. Microsoft has also grown almost all its businesses, so the future is very bright indeed. 

And do you remember Riders Republic? We got slightly obsessed with it earlier this year. Well, it’s gotten a Season 2! New stuff, new events, new, new, nu! How exciting.  

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