We do the charts. 

Gears 5 is giving away two free achievements because it’s dropping certain modes, and this leads to an interesting thought – is this the right way to do it? Or is there a better way to deal with discontinued achievements? How would you deal with achievements tied to things that stop working? Stupid freaking Rockband and their “check our website” achievement! 

You can now get GamePass for 42% off. But only if you’re in the US. Not if you’re in ANZ. Because we don’t get things like that here… Luckily Scotland joins ANZ in being slow when it comes to Xbox. Almost as slow as Lee is when it comes to reading the news stories. There’s a rumor that Zenimax Online is building a Mandalorian MMO. And who owns Zenimax? Some small company called Microsoft… 

And Skull & Bones – the long-awaited game from Ubisoft – is getting a TV show. Did you know? We didn’t. And do we really need another pirate TV show? 

In another announcement – we’re back on Twitch and YouTube! Woohoo! And we’ve made the game give away even easier now – subscribe to our YouTube channel and we’ll give away these games when we get to 100 subscribers.
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